Tuesday 27 February 2024



Sadness is my new hobbie.

I don't sleep so well,

Not that you'd care.

And I'm not keeping so well,

I wish that you'd care.

I wonder could I still make you laugh,

If you were here.

For The smaller the pieces

Of a broken heart,

The easier to give away and share.

Til given away to anyone,

For a broken promise

of loveless romance,

With no second chance.

No future plans.

At this point I'd be happy just to hold hands. 

Second chance at the cash Machine.

 Anyone partying?

Meet me by

The broken cash machine,

Were we can laugh

As we discuss

Our broken teenage wet dreams.

Fueled on memes and in jokes.

Alter ego rocker and more yokes.

Try to pass the batton,


I still wanna go.

Come to the dark side,

And I can't say no.

Mondays everyday when you feel low.

Standing on a sinking ship,

While others dance,

You live once,

So make sure you get your second chance.

Nothing like a tear in the eye goodbye

I'd say it
If you'd hear it.
I'm Not like other men,
I can admit I need it.
I can't fight,
Heart broke too many times.
Too much I should of said.
But I left it long
The words lost their power.
It's easy to end,
In fear there is nothing to defend. 
I left in hope that you'd come 
And save me,
Just one last kiss,
One dance.
But sadly there is no second chance.

The fact of fiction!

 I'll leave you words

I could never say.

Never tell you of the feelings, 

That won't go away.

Never burden your soul

With the black.

Because once you let it out,

It is then fact.

Monday 26 February 2024

The weight of ticking clocks

 Sick of this sadness,

Like a heavy weight.

And the sky might be cloudless,

But the dark has already set in.

I said too much,

It's hard to be sure.

But there was no answer

When I knocked at your door.

Retired too late

 Went a little bit too hard

Went a little bit too far,

I'm shadow boxing the wall

And I'm not sure

If I'll win

Leave the light on, just for a minute.

 A second hand invitation

With someone's else's God.

New year, same old

Brand new you.

Same story, ends right on que.

A well worn smile and eyes

So beautiful.

You wouldn't believe me

If I were to say too much,

And let it out of the bag.

You are a catch,

Got the spark to light

My darkest days.