Thursday, 16 August 2012

Settle for lost love

Always on the run, summer with out sun,
could you be the glue to hold me in place ready for the kill,
Ready for the firing squad to shoot at will.
Generation x settled for second best,
3 bedrooms semi detached and a rain cloud with out a view.
A need to be someone else
With only a soul destroyin 9 to 5 for less then the rent,
heaven sent
and a ever growin fear that you'll always be alone a little to far from home

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Good night, Always on the Run.

Harder to hold on as the warm sets in,
I feel so cold it's like i have never been.
Watchin the stars from my bed through the celling,
Hard as I try I cant shake this feeling.
Im slippin low at a fast rate, head past melted.
Dont know were to go to find release,
So i steal good times just a lonely thief.
Victim is as victim done,
Bullys steal the sunlight so I cant grow
Always on the run.
I wish I could let my heart beat once more,
But I know that one beat would be too sore.