Tuesday, 3 November 2009

rewrite of older blog

she's a gamble, hearts she takes.

she's a cold hand at the wake.

Midnight she hears me breath cursen the sky were sould i be?

lets call it evens and let me leave but to be honest how i cant see.

blinded by tomorrow for she wont leave me be.

she's a storm in a teacup wrecken my head till i can break free.

she is lost time and the seconds hand tick leaven me less,

in her arms i felt blessed.o

ne more chance is more then i could have.

but, i'll smile to hide the hurt inside.

lookin down as i walk,

feelings lost and thoughts of tomorrow she stole while my back is turned.

she's a future i'll never see but sure lest i have the memoires.

hiden benith the moon of heartbreak she is gone

there is no way out so now shes a thorn.

she is her and noone knew what she'd steal,

this cant be,why is it the blame is left for me.

if this is a dream why cant i wake she is cruel thinkin nothing of the hearts she breaks.

Monday, 2 November 2009

not tonight dear my head is sore and i need to rest.

my heart is broke i just dont know what to say, i thought you could be the one to help me find a cure but now im left outside in the cold knockin on the door of life and lonelyness is my motal enemy creeping behind me everywere i go, i try not to let it get me to see my weakness but it knows to well, and its comin to get me, its comein with every step i hear it gettin closer and closer, they say im bein dramatic but im just bein honest, i know the cold of its bones and i hear the sound of its foot steps as it draws closer to were i rest. i know it wont be long till i can feel its breath on my neck as i try to sleep , but sadly i also know the demons and by there names who keep me awake. tho i dare not say there names to noone, noone must know, and noone must know you knwo i know who they are.