Tuesday, 8 April 2014

the smell of stale cider and lost hope.

the smell of stale cider and lost hope, just when you wake up in the middle of a crisis and know in your heart no matter how long you carry on, you cant carry on. the stars used to look far away, now the clouds block their shine and all hope with only a box room of broken dreams were you keep all your little big things. who would of thought looking through a photo album would be so tiring, but at the same time your old self you cant help admiring. what would they say now if they could see the empty shell of what they were? would they even care? for back then saturday night was never so far away. were now days the resession has stole your weekend and sold it on ebay. while your single bed never hits the spot. and when you know one biscuit is never enough. and that is why they don't come in halfs. but sure the best memories are made of laughs.

Eye to Eye

(in)complete strangers, dancing away our pain, drunk off laughter and naive off heart, you to me are a reason for this beating heart. and unlovable as i may seem, i still dream and i still move and dance with you like in a dream, stop to kiss you like lovers on the screen. for tonight i've have drank enough to forget my sins and my ills. and i don't hear the screams of past lovers jealousy forget the world and be bold enough to hold you close to me, eye to eye there is no other, hold you close enough in hope to discover, a single heart beat...