Wednesday, 10 March 2010


I was thinkin of taken up smoken the dopez again so i can see the inside of my mind, to find out whats realy going on inside, but im scared of what i might find, if it would be to much and send me over the edge and out to lunch. and that is just a start see i rember panic attacks and broken hearts. the black grows with every tired day, im tryin hard but my enimies wont go away. so does god hear when i pray. i ask for forgiveness but noone answers me. lost and alone, wishin i was home while home so it makes me think were is my home as this doesnt feel right.

And as you can see i defo need soemthing to chill me out

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Its horrible being sick all the time

So its creepin back in.
The darkness i have feared for so long has returned.
The dark of your eyes as i try to find the white. Wake Up.
Its been dark for to long and now i cant help but sleep throught the light.
Im fucked cause this cant be life. My best days are well behind.
The day to day leaves me less with noone to hear my cry.
Would you could you be my trusty tissue tonight.
as ever i have to face this endless night the torture to be myself by myself
such a fight but could i be free by midnight to dream away the days.
So dont wake me please, let me lay, and if i wake let me lie.
For if you knew would you let it go,
and if you could would you catch those tears or let them fall.
Steal my skys and and give me your beautiful lies,
in bows and and out with the tide.
Did I tell you how much i dont want you but need you by my side to face daylight.