Friday, 23 May 2014

The Front Left.

The front left becomes a horror of untold. Every face smiles, but they are smiles of day light robberies and hurt and pain. The space you obtain becomes small till you can't breath and the witches crackle with ease.


the sleeping tablets kick in and i can hear the birds sing. i didnt witness nor know it was the end, but i had a sneaking feeling. i recall when i touched her thigh, and in that moment thought that things could be alright. for i had what i always wanted and wished for, i had found love. the kind you see in soap opreas, but not in movies. it was intense, a feeling i will never forget, though with time the pictures in my mind dull and fade, i will never forget.

another one

The sons of mothers in search of others, eyes lit by the dark, with fading passon that once could win a lonely heart, only rejection breaks more then tenfold. And the scene is played out in mute and ever so slow. Questions left unanswerable fester and swoll, taking up more room till the spirit is no longer whole

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

truth hurts.

you tell me the worse truthful lies trying to cut me when I already bleed, unknown to you how I need. you try to feed on my guilt, but anger grows instead. And the darkness covers and grows, lost souls circle the bed. but no rest, no way. and everyday pales more, and the sky is forever gray. while tomorrow is just another day. I tell you in code that I have to go, but you will never know, I already cut myself so.

none of the previous.

You are here, a heart that doesn't fully beat for fear of rejection, scared of even the suggestion. You never know you can make amends, but sadly you cant even tell your friends. And the feeling of being alone grows. And you just want to let go. But then again if you tried to hold on what can you grip, such is life and the pain in your chest is not all that keeps you awake