Saturday, 9 January 2010

Who Are you Tonight? Hopelessly Devoted

I've been silly, i've been thinkin about you again,
thinkin what it would be like to burn that old flame.
your names on my tounge, shame what have i done,
everything, still its not enought.
so as always time taken to much of too little.
its always the same,
fuck me will this ever end?
so im tryin to sleep, but your keepin me awake.
from a distance i can feel, like i used to.
but feelins are still a little numb,
and im wondern if you could help.
a text there or maybe a email.
or i could even call to your home.
but that wouldnt be on after so long
the feelins you had are long gone.
its just im holdin on as ever
fightin the good fight in my head all day long
but its not in my favour and in the end noones won.