Tuesday, 28 April 2009

yea im sound, im just worried about you, and how it would of affect you it bein mine

i often wonder bout a little lady, or even a boy, but it jsut isnt me, you see i bearly take care of myself, i can bearly tell the time after to many bottles, i can hardly make it to work with out hittin the five past mark, im not a father figer im more a loose cannon wishin i was someone else but what the haps, its crazy the best bit of me ran down my mothers leg.

Im not keepin it.

Lins says:

E jnr says:

Lins says:
i am not willing to lose robin

E jnr says:
yea i know,

E jnr says:
thats good

Lins says:
r u ok

E jnr says:
yea im sound, im just worried about you, and how it would of affect you it bein mine

Lins says:
there is no way i could have taken that risk

E jnr says:
aye thats cool

Lins says:
the only thing that is worrying me is robin is on msn and u can find him and tell him

E jnr says:
na i wouldnt want to tell him

E jnr says:
iam sayin nothing

Lins says:
y not
E jnr says:

because its none of my bussness, outo f my hands, im not comin between you two, so im standin back.

E jnr says:
you know,

Lins says:
did u want it

E jnr says:
no, i cant even manage to look after myself, i couldnt look after a child

Lins says:
we r going to manchester

Lins says:
its costing nearly 1000

E jnr says:
wouldl ondon not be easyer?

Lins says:
dont know

E jnr says:
you sould check out for london

Lins says:
im really sorry

E jnr says:
no need its ok

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Fluoxetine 20mg part 2.

I'ed sell the confusen on ebay,
give away my darker days and atlest try to forget my past.
but it seems you got me, and when i look i can only glance.
so im taken my time, but your fed up waitin.
and i would hurry up, but i dont know were it is you are.
so im tryin to light the dark,
but its with a heavy heart because the past still hurts.
im tryin to forget the bad days and rember how the good used to feel.
i can do it, i can be the mess so i can be the man im sure i can.
so i listen to the songs on repeat as i repeat
"its jsut another day and another step"
but when i look at you i can only glance.
so i feel the fear and run off for i dont trust chance.
with all the burgeoning feelings and confused emotions of a young adolescent
i could be 16 again when i talk to you....

Fluoxetine 20mg part 1.

I wonder do you see me step out of your way as you pass each day. I could be a dick, i was there first but fuck it i just move and let you pass undistubed.

I go crazy, two buttions undone insted of one, this is what the weekend is all about isnt it?

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Pretend Look the other way for thats not yours and never will be..

Our love lost in passin smiles
even now iam lost in your eyescome be with me..
If only words were enought
but your waitin on someone else,
o tell me who i can be, to be, with you..
Take the sun the moon take everything,
because without you i dont need a thing..
O cant you see..
Lifeless rooms with dust settled gray
o tell me why do i feel way
so wrong with nothing i can dobut take comfort in you,
here with me..
O am i wrong for feelin the way i do
to be so sore with out a cure,
because its not you, your just waitin to happen like they always do,
so iam just waitin all this life time
for somebody true, maybe settle for something less..
Your beautiful when undressed in my dreams of you..
I only wish i could be,
cause i know so much more could please,
in this life time..
O does everyone feel this way
because you can never be her
and i know iam not him,
but is it not worth a go seein as we might as well be lost together
then alone wishin that we could have the love we once thought was the only thing ever????

fight only to lose for tonite she is less.. how this will end is anyones guess...

As each goes her heart grows a little older
scared of whats to come she holds on a little more.
Each time he leaves her a little less then she sould be..
She loves each as the last only more,
each time wishin he will stay
but in her heart its hard to believe
for they all say they will untill they leave..
But no dout the next will try to save her like the last,
but its hard to hold on to her
when as much as you try she doesnt believe you realy do want her and this is love..
so what next,
give up? Just like she said you would!
give in? And keep up the fight only to slowly lose!

I could understand if you couldnt stand me for a moment or two.

I just wish I could be all you ever needed
I'll give you everything I can if only you could receive it,
and i will try my hardest, even tho my best doesnt seem good enought..
Mybe if you give in and let me love you
and understand ther is no way i would put anyone above you..
So we'll fight the bit out and it will all end in tears,
but tonite i'am all cryed out so its your turn my dear,
we'll run round in circles chasen our tails..
but tonite i will be honest and sayI think you sould put away the scales,
cause i dont care how fat you get, it was your eyes and your smile,
not the size of your dress, but were this will end is anyones guess...

To much to young. To soon to fall..

You know its funny your layin beside mebut feel so far away..

I think i know what your thinkin, but am to scared to say.

So turn off the light, iam feelin shy tonite,

need that dark confidence of shadows and moonlight,

need to feel you undressed by my side,

to feel thats your realy mine under these dark sheets of tonite..

See nothing is forever, but that doesnt stop me wishin this wont be the same,

that a month from now you'll still be calling my name,

that i wont be wishin on a dream.

Cause i know wishin on stars never works, and its hard wishin away the pain,

because in the end i still feel the burn..

See i'am going crazy and what good can it do

I'am nothing without you,

a shadow of what i was.

and feelin empty isnt feelin good,

have you ever felt this feelin?

If not i wish you could,

because you turned from the one who could

to the one that did,

to the one i wish i could forget...

The Endless Nights of Someone Who Needs..

ther's atlest a life time between us,
do you realy need to take all the sheets,
not a heartbreat between us, ther is so much more i need.
so you do your own thing, iam scared of what i will say in my sleep.
its the same thing, just a diffrent week..
the bed used to move in great heat, now all we do is eat, i miss you...
i cant believe its the same person in this bed,
did you realy mean it when you said we would always be together?
now the weathers gettin colder! so what the fuck, its just another sleepless nite...
the walls close in, this is worse then rejection, a slow death of loveless affection..
i cant rest, my mind thinks of what it would be like to play the field..
and how i would make my point, but iam to tired for to even try to get you to let me.
my heads fryed,
to many late nites, to little time, to much to forgive,
this is more then a first love, iam sure this is it but you wont let me,
and now i cant sleep.
and as much as i dont want to iam thinkin of given in, ther you go work away,
iam tryin to hold on but feels liek we have already thrown it all away.
so i kiss your head and wish you peace, the restless sleep of someone who needs..

The First Time

Sorry i just wanted to get to know you and make you smile,
it isnt easy as i wonder whats on your mind and how do you feel?
And are these things you tell me real? If maybe iam talkin to much?
If iam bein to quiet? Iam just tired..
Do i get to excited? Do you think iam a dick?
Do you like what i got you or would nothing be better then this?
Maybe i think to much but atlest iam thinkin about you,
not like them other fellas who all they want to do is fuck anyone who will let them...
maybe i souldnt count the seconds till i see you again,
i sould jsut leave it,
but i cant help it,i wish you knew how much i need it,
but maybe how much is to much and now iam freakin out again..
i jsut wish it was like how it was when we first met,
those were the days, and then again, things no matter how hard you try always change xx..
See here we go again i could tell,
Its the same story,But iam still with you after all..
So i walk off in a huff if only jsut to get you to follow,
and no matter how hard i try now i know all i have told you before is fucked against the wall, your mine, but am i liein, is this realy all its cracked up to be,
you said you would kill your self if i ever left you,
well maybe you would let me love you if you knew how much i need you.
To breath isnt enought, times are gettin so tuff, but shit this is the big one iam in love.....