Tuesday, 18 August 2009


naked lady of my arm please lead me from harm,
little do i know your the cause of my disstrest,
i cant rest with the dream of you undressed by my side tonight.
i cant get enought and it isnt your fault, its my own greed i amit.
i cant help but want you, now but who wants me,
im lost at sea and the waves crash causen me to fall,
and tho it hurts me i cant seem to stay away.
your my worse moment and my better day.
but tonight your the evil which keeps me awake
and i cant sleep for thinkin what could be,
could i be for once happy?
take it on the chin tho, maken me think to fast tho,
great idear, tho you seem to be talkin less,
and this is leadin me to think more about what if?
so up and down i cant change the world alone.
im so far from home as the wave causes me to lose balance or was it the nightcap?
and sadly you wont be the one to help me back up.