Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Aye so, life....

It has been good of late, I have lost hafe a stone and havent thought of killin myself as much.... tho i do think of girls i cant have andd wonder why i didnt want them when they wanted me?? is this a curse?

Will I ever love again?

Or am I do scared to give my heart up so freely when I know it could be what kills me!!

Friday, 3 February 2012

Today might have to last me all of my life.........

I hate my lack of education, and/or gental rest. The tightin in my chest. The feeling it's never going to be like it was. The times I left to early and the times I stayed to late. I wish I could make sense of now and not be scared of tomorrow, because as much as I wish tomorrow is never going to be like yesterday.

Yesterday is gone and left me alone with you... .. ...

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Brown Eyes of Fire...

turn the tv off, are you comin to bed?
you must have the most beautifull brown eyes i have had the pleasure to see..
iam sorry maybe i have said to much,
ther i go again give me another chance and i promise to not make such a fuss.
but tonite i so badly need your touch
and iam sorry if iam singin the same old love song you have heard a 100 times before,
but i need you more then i can ignore,

Stinkin Stones

Want a kiss want to connect,
want to feel before im died.
want to be able to be sure.
want to forget the things which make me sore.
want to no longer need,
if only wants were and not needs,
and there goes the what if's sneakin back in again.
Free the soul the heart is breakin,
nothing to grip no second guessin what im thinkin.
stinkin stones i'll be alright
its just another sleepless night


Cant make it right with out you.
Cant make the night with out you.
Cant win the fight without you.
Tho i couldnt even stay true.
Now i cant win, what to do?
If i knew that i wouldnt be here now.
And while wishing, i cant help holdin on,
No end no knowin,
No blue skys
No nothing
No you,
Cant make it up with out you.
Cant help lose sight with out you.
Cant make it light with out you.
Tho i couldnt even stay true.
And now i feel you know the truth
Do you know?
Do you hear me tonight lookin for you?
Is that all right by you?
Im sorry what can i do?
Cant make it right for you,
Lost sight of you,
Lost contact and now is that all right by you?
Lost my thought and my mind is playin tricks
Maken me believe you could.
hard to believe but what can i do,
Believe for a moment only for it to be another loss of heart,
Breaken bit by bit is that alright?
Im locked tight another sleepless night another nail in the ..........
Na i cant say it.
Is that alright by you?
Is that alright?
Is that..
It's the small crimes maken me feel i cant get back to you.
That makes me lose,
It's the time,
It's the feelin in my hand like pins and needles and its grownin.
Taken over, from heart ach to heart break,
Im lost what to do?

Could you be??

She could be round the corner
She could be far from home
She could be a footstep away.
She could be were i was five minutes ago,
But sadly it doesnt feel like she is that far.
She could be in a state off her bake
She could be having a early night
She could be lost,
She could be so much.
But she sadly tonight cant be mine.
She could be learnin to walk again
She could be on the run
She could be laughtin with another
She could be but i guess i wont know
Caue she will as she might wont be mine tonight.