Saturday, 28 February 2009

Just Nothing.......

you what scares me, is the thought soemoen is going around tellin people bad stuff about me which in turn makes these people dislike me. what scares me more is that i am thinkin this and its really paranoid...........

And then it begins to snowball out of control. and so i just said two things. tho it could be true, couldnt it? i mean you go with a girl who is mad about you at one moment bit of time by herself and she feels nothing for you all of a sudden.. what happend to the plans which were made? the things which were said? its the same with people i rember loadsof people thinkin i was class and all of a sudden its shit, noone calls, noone says fuck all "hi, hello? hellllllllllllloooooooo?" noone home, no reply, no answers why...

Just nothing.... Fuckin nothing......

another night.

So again i make to friday.... Just about, and again i ask myself, who are you tonight?

Do you know? Do you rember?

Were did it all go wrong?

Who are you tonight?

The feelings not right, thats why i guess i ask who are you tonight?

Who i am?

Yea me, who am i?

Young? Bold?

Or realy

Just forgotten and old............................................

I just wish i knew, i wish i could work out. i mean life goes on. noone stops, you could fall i nthe street and people will walk past your side. so im tryin to do the right thing and give a little help but how can i when i cant help myself?

who am i tonight?

lost and alone?

liek a dog with a bone i wont let go of the things which drags me down.

old cuts reopen, im hope but sadly the doors never open.

so who am i tonight? same as tomorrow night...