Wednesday, 30 November 2011


you can take your time,
you can dance in my mind,
i cant help but get everything wrong from time to time.
and time to time turns to days to weeks
to the point i cant say what i am feelin for fear of feelin to weak,
then distasters strikes,
and all to often i cant rember,
the black outs are all to often the only thing from a weekend,
and im lost and what can i say.
cheer up,
you could be worse off and you know it.
but it doesnt matter time after time,
and tonight it's you on my mind.

Saturday, 12 November 2011


There is more to life then a empty glass,
More to the weekend then chasen good times and lovers lips,
More to me then you.
Everyday is the end of the world,
And The bottem of the glass offers no clues.
Every time you leave me a little less,
But i still come back for more of the same,
So who is to blame?
Whos name is on my biten lips tonight?
And I'm sure you heard it all before and more or less the same.
But I cant help think too much of too little.
Its driven me mad were are you?
A heavy head is but a drowning weight.
A brainstorm of a nothing more then a broken rose,
And I still come back for more.
But tonight i fear I cant even see past the door,
There is a world outside but not for the likes of i.
I am lost,
and sadly as much as I wish you would,
you wont find me at the bottem of this empty glass.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

I dont know what to do, or were to go. With noone to talk to I fear this could be the end!

When does the pain stop?
What to do with the sound of these tickin clocks?
Were can i finaly find some rest?
What becomes of the forgotten, unloveable and or tired/stressed?
I'm lookin for a way out, a hint a clue.
But I though i would take some time out and write a message to you........

Be careful not to catch a cold from the ice that once was your soul.
A burden of unexpected weight, and dust settled gray.
I often wonder whats the point
when I cant stop the bad times from taken the good away.
I cant lie,
I miss the feelin that things could get better
like when your young and dont know any better.
But as the wether gets colder its ture
I know things wont change and to top it all off my feet are cold and wet too