Monday, 19 January 2009

lol, you thought you were the big lad now your left sad, noone calls, noone texts, so much for friends!

im been with everyone and left with noone.

i didnt think it would be like this, end like this.

im wiatin on you to finish.

i know thats why i left with her.

sure its the not the answer and its not a cure,

its simply a painkiller.

but you teaseed me out of me.

pulled me out of the rut only i was to heavy and i fell back in.

o you fat cunt,

what the fuck have i gotten myself in?

Saturday, 17 January 2009

How do you know if its a cry for help?

So we'll laught untill we bleed,

stare till we are blind,

want to believe,

i dont want to wait no more,

im going to look if only i could see.

and then we laught till we bleed.

Tickin clocks, we sould go out for a drink,

get to know each other a little,

you could be the devil on my shoulder.

and you could lead me astray.

and when i say im going you could beg me to stay.

then we'll laught untill we bleed.

its that time of the month the time when i realy begain to need.

im keepin the curtins open but the day light cant penatrait me.

im lookin but i cant see.

im wishin i was soemone else and you didnt know me.

so then we could meet again and start without history.

and then we could laught untill we bleed.

then we could maybe be ok, be my better days.

you wouldnt burn my tounge,

you wouldnt make me bleed.

cause tonight is just like every other night and my medicen wont help.

and we wont laught but i will bleed.

and as loud as i say it you wont hear it.

so tonight your the knife that slowly turns and i know they talk but i dont want to listen.

i dont wish to know what it is they say cause i fear its the finil nail in the coffin

the last shovel of dirt to keep the secret buried.

the charm which i used to know is long gone

all i have is a stutter and a map to find the disire to hold on.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

It would be shit to miss it. capital letter full stop.

So who are you tonight? Are you happy? Who are you? full stop. capital letter? whats for lunch? i need to feel alive, the problem with bein up is knowin that you can come down at any moment. and youk now its just round the corner the downfall "lest your not drinkin coke! are you ok Eddie?" do i look ok? the clown hides his tears with make up, the heart break is not showin. i know what there thinkin which is what hurts the most as i am what they say and for a moment i wasnt. i was better i was the great. i was on to a future but sadly it was over when you said it was and now im late as always. my clock seems to run five minutes behind. tho i would never be late for you it was right with you and now with out you im lost what can i do?

15000 tickets left for glastonbury. better hurry better be quick cause if i dont get a ticket im pretty much fucked. or well not that bad but it would be shit to miss it.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

the wee doll.

i'ed give a life time just for a minute of your time.
see time is no use to me when your not here.
when you dont even know me.
hi, i see you everyday going about your day.
but you dont see me your to busy lookin at the ground,
i often wonder what it is you wish to find?
find my broken wings so i can fly again?
find a little time, a little soemthing to free my mind?
but its not me your lookin for as you pass.
for i as much as i wish cant give you the good times you need to exsist.
i cant be the one to ease your burden,
i wouldnt even lightnt your load.
im to old and time has taken my best days away
and now sadly all i have is a smile for you as you pass me everyday.