Wednesday, 30 September 2009


you could break the black sky. but your not mine, to far away and not even a call could save me. i dont know why i must need tonight. the drink doesnt numb what this feelin realy is. and so i try and lie but i cant hide it from myself. my pride breaks when im alone, but its not enought and i cant break the black, cant crack the dark, i need and needs must, just one touch and i wait by the wayside till your alone. but thats not me so its me who is alone waitin like a dog for you to throw me a bone, its ok im just going about my day. and thats the way i feel tonight.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

mixin pain killers as the sleepin tablets have ran out.

lookin for clues serchen for hints,
im down to deep in this muddy trench
lost in hope turnin into the night.
wrapen myself in clouds tight.
im lookin for the ones lost in battels past.
mixin pain killers to make ease and help with nights sleep.
but tonight im really in to deep............