Sunday, 31 July 2011

Isnt that mad.

As ever I am thinkin how mad something is. This time I am thinkin how mad it is that the world is so small and how in some way or other we all know each other..

Isnt that mad?

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


from a bambeano till the grave,
we're tryin to get high
yet i have no wings so how will i ever fly.
it seems as tho now time flys
and who will i be by the morring time?
manic just tryin not to panic,
do nothing in the moment but its hard
cause im serchen for the sunny days or even a way out.
but this is what it sounds like when thugs cry.
and all i do is try try and try to see how i can stay out
but yet back at the start i start to lose heart,
failin like a walkin abortion,
were am i to go when i lose faith cause the lord cant save me
and the devil is on every corner and at every bar.
so is there any use
or are we really just born to die.

Monday, 4 July 2011

lykke li

I really would love to meet lykke li, I find her music amazen and would love to get to know the person behind the smile!! Her second album I didnt think I would like then I heard a track on a mix and got really into it and then listend the album and got really into it. But this track here I have listend to many a time and it brings me close to tears (still not over glastonbury and findin the day to day life a struggle) as I would love to find a place were the highs dont bring me down!!!

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Glastonbury and why legal Highs are not good...

I no longer know what day it is and the burnin pain has me in its grip, the two pints of cider nither calm the nerves or stoped the shakes, it only losend what was in my near empty belly infront of a small crowd. I thought I would take the day off as I couldnt stand the look in the eyes of passer bys, the horror or pity. I prefared the horror as the pity made me feel weak. Im back on the trail.

Its got to point I can hear my name bein said from afar and often. Glastonbury today I hate u, but in my heart I still love u u sexy. Lets dance one last time and make it a slow one for while the pain maight burn it will fade, and in time the scars will heal!

Work Stress and Unrest..

Dont worry about that pain in your chest. Its just the stress, in your fathers day it would of been sorted with a fight and a handshake. Now ther is more then meets the eye. Its a game, and its not one I wish to play I just want to take ruby a walk, her ewoke features could warm the coldest day. But instead i'll lay with my eyes closed and pretend im sleepin til the chest pains go away.

Saturday, 2 July 2011


The silence of my crimes. It honstly feels like im doin time and unable to say how I feel, instead lay clues in peoms and riddles. As I slowly die wonderen if and mybe my soul could for one night light the night sky as I leave for some thing else. I cant share the hurt and unable to tell the truth, I want to stay but my heart cant take the day to day and noone hears my silent tears of lost hope, a note and a rope, a razzor and a last goodbye. I did well to hide it but when u think back you'll see it clear. The truth sadly I never belonged here. So my words that were never there for fear u might understand and relise, then I would have to sort out these silent crys.