Saturday, 28 February 2009

another night.

So again i make to friday.... Just about, and again i ask myself, who are you tonight?

Do you know? Do you rember?

Were did it all go wrong?

Who are you tonight?

The feelings not right, thats why i guess i ask who are you tonight?

Who i am?

Yea me, who am i?

Young? Bold?

Or realy

Just forgotten and old............................................

I just wish i knew, i wish i could work out. i mean life goes on. noone stops, you could fall i nthe street and people will walk past your side. so im tryin to do the right thing and give a little help but how can i when i cant help myself?

who am i tonight?

lost and alone?

liek a dog with a bone i wont let go of the things which drags me down.

old cuts reopen, im hope but sadly the doors never open.

so who am i tonight? same as tomorrow night...


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