Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Im over the top,
its hard to stop,
its called the snowball effect,
and sadly its not really a laught.
im sorry i hurt you,
i realy fucked up.
jelous and angry at my own stupid self.
im runnin on empty.
i could be losen my mind,
and the thing which keeps me going
is rembern when she was mine.
but as it is it wont ease the pain,
and tonight i cant face the rain.
i work in a office, its to often to hot.
noone understands me, for it seems im now lost.
its a place called limbo and i need out,
but you could be my helpin hand,
but then again you wont.
and i could forget you,
but tbh your my last hope.
and im holdin on till everyone is gone,
cause everything i love is lost as if someones taken it away.
so what to do and were this ends well who can say?

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