Monday, 10 May 2010

My problem is that i have lived a blog insted of a life...

Well it is joy i have found my self in a relsonship, which means the findin of a girlfriend isnt a stress i bear thank goodness! Someone holdin you is probly one of the greastest things ever. So we enjoy long walks and cooking, she does the dishies i crack the jokes its a match made in heaven. Tho as everything we started haven sex and the first night was grand barr it taken ages for me to cum. The second night i couldnt atall and lost my erection a few times leadin to such worry you would not believe.

See on my mind is why is this happenin? Is this due to just stress? Is it me? My age? Her?

Realy it was just non stop worry, but i also linked it to the fact i have been wankin non stop over internet porn for some time! And thought to myself what if i am so used to the exstreams of internet sex normal sex wouldnt do it for me atall?

So I am on day three of no internet porn, its going well..........................

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