Saturday, 18 September 2010

Tornoto and no were to go!

So I have moved to Tronoto, and it is hard going. I am mostly alone and havent really made any friends sadly.

also add to this last night i went to a bar in hope of making friends and got talkin to some dude who was weird, i was worried he might be tryin to chat me up. we talked about strippers and he said they are all just in it for the money now. anyway he offerd to buy me a drink i was all na as i wasnt sure if this dude was on the touch or just bein friendly and i didnt wish to find out the hard way exsue the pun. but so he went on so i went yea ok. and so we chatted more then he went to the toilet and never returned so i drank his drink.

afterwards i returned to the hostel and went on facebook and talked about the evenin and how i felt sayin how i foudn it hard here but didnt wish to return to belfast as there was nothing there for me!! but i had forgot my girlfriend rosie!!

i got a message on facebook today from her sayin how upset she is and how she thought i was making a dick out of her. i tryed textin then callin but her phone is now off.

this has left me feeling really down and i am findin it hard to keep it together as rosie has been my crutch and my rock and has more or less nursed me back to the person i once was if a little less!

so i am at a loss of what to do as she is to far away to get to...................

ffs women...........................

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