Thursday, 21 October 2010


So right I probly should try and put the whole Toronto tail into words!

Hard to think were to start.

Probly best tryin from the start.

Well I got on the plane from london, ofcourse the night before I fucked my phoned clock up and so it was two hours behind luckly enought my girlfriend texted to tell me she didnt have something I thought I might need for the trip, which then awoke me. So it ment no shower! Great way to start with a 7 hour flight ahead. So no breakfast and got to the place met up with the people and then through the machines were I always get serched hard due to the pin in my leg! Melt!!

Got through and got breakfast, I wont go into more but I got talking to people thinkin it is what I will have to do from now on try and talk to people in order to make friends and also get a job sorted. I went with bunic which sort out the visa and such things for you, so I tryed talkin to peeps I seen who were part of this. Well flight was sound, was a wee young jap dude beside me who was on the bunic thing as well and so got talkin to him.

So landin we all grouped together and had to sort out the bus, we were told we had to phone some bus. The magic bus it was called. O how we laughted as we tryed to sort this out. So the magic bus came and it was a yellow bus, now i laughted it was a spaz bus called the yellow bus!

Infact this is takin to long so will get to the good bits. So aye the hostel was shit hole. Tho the weather was great. But yea the smell in the kitchen of the hostel was weird and near made me sick a few times, this is even when not hungover. So I booked the other hostel as soon as I could.

Sadly in canada pints seemed more Dublin prices which is like $7 or $8 for a pint of strongbow and then a $1 tip which is big money if you ask me. I found one bar I liked which was the fox and fiddle. They had great karioke nights on Monday, the first time I went I touched for or was touched for a young lady who asked for my number.

So I texted this young lady some time later and asked what she was at. She replyed "I am doing my homework!" This worried me!! As a 30 year old! So I texted back "what age are you??" Luckly enought she was 20 and doing a makeup course or something.

So I also had the problem of tryin to get a job this trip wasnt all fun!! So I left in CVs in a few places, there was two bong stores (who wouldnt want to sell bongs and pipes!!) then also a sex shop which I think I fucked up as I didnt give me self ten out of ten for customer service when asked(Igive myself 7 and a hafe, at first but it would go up to ten when i am more use to the store). On the lower end was McDs and dish washin jobs. But yeah noone got back to me not once! all I got was a wrong number!!

So most of my time was spent tryin to sort out a job and at nights reading, I got through I think four or five books in a month as I didnt make many friends. Tbh the most weird things or things worth talkin about happend when I was drunk, which also seemed to happenin at the fox and fiddle on a monday night.

I think it was the second time I went to the fox and fiddle I had a few bottles of cider before I left the hostel and then a few more in the bar, then (and this is what always finished me off) had a pitcher of beer. I drink really fast and cant be botherd holdin such things as pitchers so end up not knowin I am drunk as it catches up with me. So on this night I black out and the first thing I rember is being down the street from the hostel and going through some door and up stairs were there is a dude sittin and he says I have to sign the book before I can go in so I sign it then he says I have to put what union I am in and I am all go on let me in, but he doesnt. So I end up going down the stairs and walkin around this places lookin for another way into the upstairs room I was turned away from. This is all while pissin over the floor in the dirty protest!!

So in the end I go upstairs and out to the door into the street were I find a few dudes talkin away one bein a older gent with gray hair. I get talkin to them about who knows what when the older gent goes in and I follow, when we get to the dude in the door he signs and I ask him what is the union he tells me and I get in. There is food and drink and madly it is all free I am having the time off my life and then the older gent comes to me and tells me I have to leave I have been found out!

So I go and I think I can recall stealin the fire extinguisher and then being on face book leaven a status update that made my dad ask was I on drugs and my girlfriend stop talkin to me for a few days!

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