Sunday, 3 July 2011

Glastonbury and why legal Highs are not good...

I no longer know what day it is and the burnin pain has me in its grip, the two pints of cider nither calm the nerves or stoped the shakes, it only losend what was in my near empty belly infront of a small crowd. I thought I would take the day off as I couldnt stand the look in the eyes of passer bys, the horror or pity. I prefared the horror as the pity made me feel weak. Im back on the trail.

Its got to point I can hear my name bein said from afar and often. Glastonbury today I hate u, but in my heart I still love u u sexy. Lets dance one last time and make it a slow one for while the pain maight burn it will fade, and in time the scars will heal!

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