Thursday, 3 November 2011

I dont know what to do, or were to go. With noone to talk to I fear this could be the end!

When does the pain stop?
What to do with the sound of these tickin clocks?
Were can i finaly find some rest?
What becomes of the forgotten, unloveable and or tired/stressed?
I'm lookin for a way out, a hint a clue.
But I though i would take some time out and write a message to you........

Be careful not to catch a cold from the ice that once was your soul.
A burden of unexpected weight, and dust settled gray.
I often wonder whats the point
when I cant stop the bad times from taken the good away.
I cant lie,
I miss the feelin that things could get better
like when your young and dont know any better.
But as the wether gets colder its ture
I know things wont change and to top it all off my feet are cold and wet too

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