Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Well long time, hi how are you? Been hard going tbh, not so new job which I was happy in for 6 months, girlfriend who enjoyed a drink or two at the weekend, or well she is a alco if i am honest. and so up and down, double dose of the meds. no to much drinking or drugs. I don't know, I just cant seem to relax. Sure there is always tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

She sounds like such a "melter" liking a drink or two at the weekend

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer if you changed this for your readers to "girlfriend who lost her father on 10 february and who I never asked was she ok because I just worried about my own stress". Just in the interests of honesty. Since thats obviously what you meant by melter before.

Crappo the Clown said...

this is bullshit, i was there for you, you just look back and try to make everything bad. the fact is i am not the bad guy you make me out to be.