Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Chasing the clown in me

To be myself with nothing else' Throw the clown to the side, Like throwing stones in shallow shores. But no one wonders when i'll be home tonight. And I need to find a way to fix my head without listening to my heart. But there she is at every point. And all it means is another hard day When everyone else is having better fun. And i feel i better run, But better days have came and gone, And old friends no longer say hi. So i wonder would they say goodbye. And could i be myself and all that you need, The need to need someone else, And i could feel the cold from the inside. But the bedcovers are all on your side. And all i want is to be myself, But i forgot myself to be your kind of guy. So tomorrow is almost yesterday. And sometimes even the greatest of painkillers Can't numb this kind;

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