Saturday, 17 January 2009

How do you know if its a cry for help?

So we'll laught untill we bleed,

stare till we are blind,

want to believe,

i dont want to wait no more,

im going to look if only i could see.

and then we laught till we bleed.

Tickin clocks, we sould go out for a drink,

get to know each other a little,

you could be the devil on my shoulder.

and you could lead me astray.

and when i say im going you could beg me to stay.

then we'll laught untill we bleed.

its that time of the month the time when i realy begain to need.

im keepin the curtins open but the day light cant penatrait me.

im lookin but i cant see.

im wishin i was soemone else and you didnt know me.

so then we could meet again and start without history.

and then we could laught untill we bleed.

then we could maybe be ok, be my better days.

you wouldnt burn my tounge,

you wouldnt make me bleed.

cause tonight is just like every other night and my medicen wont help.

and we wont laught but i will bleed.

and as loud as i say it you wont hear it.

so tonight your the knife that slowly turns and i know they talk but i dont want to listen.

i dont wish to know what it is they say cause i fear its the finil nail in the coffin

the last shovel of dirt to keep the secret buried.

the charm which i used to know is long gone

all i have is a stutter and a map to find the disire to hold on.

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