Wednesday, 7 January 2009

the wee doll.

i'ed give a life time just for a minute of your time.
see time is no use to me when your not here.
when you dont even know me.
hi, i see you everyday going about your day.
but you dont see me your to busy lookin at the ground,
i often wonder what it is you wish to find?
find my broken wings so i can fly again?
find a little time, a little soemthing to free my mind?
but its not me your lookin for as you pass.
for i as much as i wish cant give you the good times you need to exsist.
i cant be the one to ease your burden,
i wouldnt even lightnt your load.
im to old and time has taken my best days away
and now sadly all i have is a smile for you as you pass me everyday.

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