Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Feelin the end close i lose count, time isnt on my side nor by my side. im alone as always the screen lightin the dark, but not my heart, to long in the cold has made me cold. to old to pretend this will end, things willl get better. nothing ventured nothing gained. im lost in a world of black and feel nothing but pain. it takes my breath it feels like death, its fucked up and i feel i have nothing left. slipin in rivers deep, knifes cut and blood leaks. we could be, you could save. but im not brave enought to fight to find you. im a loser and you can see right through me. ignor me, use me, i need you and to be lost by your side, more then a ride more then before, im sure i can hold on and pretend i never need anymore.


i do, i need so much more and its not you. infact laught out loud, who are you? the devil on my shoulder, im so much older then wise, and still with every fuck up its a surpize, help me out of my wet clothes tonight, i need to help myself i need to fight. but im tired and worn down. high notes and strings keep me from losen, and my final thought isnt worth the brain its thought with but thats ok,

or is it?

who the fuck am i tonight? im so lost i cant fight, so with no fight left the light flickers the end get so much nearer. please dry those tears my dear. we seen it comin but you cant help, and as much as i wish i could reach out, i cant. im just passin time get lower and lower, deeper and deeper. the one who got away is my still flame, its my blame, with out aim who could i be?

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