Tuesday, 5 May 2009

five more minutes. promise.

Staren at the sun from the bottem of the river, i could feel my last breath leave me.

i could say i felt calm but i haver never known that feeling in my life so i couldnt tell you thats what this feelin was.

and so this stone round my neck sinks deeper then i ever could. but tho thats not to say i wouldnt. well how could you tell what depths you could sink to?

so the sun is like a gold ring, and i chase it for hours, its just out of reach, just a little to far.

five more minuites. just five more...................

so the bottem of the river was suddlen dark. it was on fire with not so much as a goodbye, and still the stone sank. deeper and down. and i left all i loved behind, for it was what i had to do. all i could do, for if you love something you have to let it go, and i let go of you.

no0, five more minutes, just five more, please, five more minutessssss......

i never really known love, never knew my father, my mother worked long hours, or well they seemed long when your young and the world is so new. but thats what can happenin. they take of the love you once knew.

late again fuck sake.

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