Thursday, 29 October 2009

Lock in grab your posion...........

today as always could be either the first or last day of my life,
my world crumbles and shatters below her boot heels
sadly im a slave to the way she makes me feel,
i need it more then any drug,
a simple she agrees with me or a welcome hug.
though she wont be mine no she wont bring love,
all she does is darken the sky with dout
so i cant see past her and end up lost.
so im lookin for soemthing to replace that feelin,
fill my time and stop me thinkin.
so beg'in the hands of time to stop windin me up with their tick tlock. for every tick i lose her a little more
and for every tock she gets a little futher away from the moment.
For it i would travel,
willin to meet yet unwillin to admite defeat,
good sense of houmour,
but sadly it wont help.

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