Friday, 29 April 2011

A Royal Wedding.....

My girlfriends sister had a big party for this, but disaster struck at the bbq when she fed a bone to the family dog (with whom she is very much in love with, and the dog is I must say very much in love with her. I have seen the way they carry on together and its not a sexy love but that's of two very close old friends, like two Granny's siting by the beach with there coats over there knees smiling at you as you pass) and it got it stuck in its throat.

Tho what I would like to know is did they keep the food going or what happened? As i recall making a great Sunday dinner once and my mother got a call that my aunt had breast cancer, and were my girlfriend thought we should stop I was all no way this is the greatest meal I have ever made.

You know?

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