Sunday, 1 May 2011


Do you ever looks at peoples houses, or like me looks at photos on people facebook (easyer then haven to enter someones house and look at it as you dont have to make the smalle talk!) and see photos of them in there house or maybe someone elses house, and look at the shit ornaments or stuff.

The thing I find most offencive is the shit art work that all seems the same. Mybe due to workin a short time in Next I have had more then my fair share of looking at this crap and so it hurts me more then ever.

For me I feel for so long I have no chose to choose life, I prefare records, art is more exsclusive to the point I probly cant afford it. Like when I check out sales and end up lookin at the full price stuff (why the fuck is that?)!!

I did a 6 to 2.15am slot for the belfast branch of my work today, it was a stock take, it was shit. Again I wonder am I cut out for this line of work and should I do something else? Is there anything else out there i can do and can do it well?

Help me................ !

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