Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The King of The Aul In Out!

Some times I wonder whats it all about? The aul in out, and the lastest fashion and tings to be all look at me, when a yogart pot is and always will be a yogart pot. Life is hard when you over do the good times and dont know your bed time..., cant stop, cant carry on, cant rember, cant forget, cant hold on long enough and everythings shit. Lookin for better days when the negtive steals your postive mind. And all you have left is these endless night, and smile thats a frown, my best days have gone and left me alone its true. And to much time alone gives the mind to much time to think and sadly it seems I can only think the worst, turnin my best days and undoing them til they are sinister and dark.

And not even a call from her could help.

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