Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Aye so, life....

It has been good of late, I have lost hafe a stone and havent thought of killin myself as much.... tho i do think of girls i cant have andd wonder why i didnt want them when they wanted me?? is this a curse?

Will I ever love again?

Or am I do scared to give my heart up so freely when I know it could be what kills me!!


Anonymous said...

So you just dont bother. Too scared to take a chance. Rather dream of failed romance. and what isnt. And wasnt. And never will be. Live your life through a faulty camera in your mind which tricks you into thinking your best days have been and gone. Now your alone. Wont be long before the wolf of loneliness is back at your door and you crave a kill. On the hunt. No thought for your prey or the mess you leave behind. As long their heart beats beneath yours long enough to make you think you arent on your own. You had her. You threw her away. An outcast. Never good enough. Not pretty enough. Not wild enough. Not enough dramas. Too full of honesty. Too full of trust. Too full of love. Tear her to shreds. Shes everything you want to be.

Crappo the Clown said...

you were never honest to yourself, you sat in the living room with the curtains closed on life. the fact it took us to split up before you would even think of going a walk with me shows you didnt really hold my interests at heart.