Monday, 29 December 2008

Credit Crunch and nothing to tell, room with otu a mirror, who are ya?

I often think about lookin throught her window the girl with out a mirror the one who donest care for the credit crunch my insparation. my weekend away a reason to stay. a word in your ear when your gettin otu of hand which i must amite i am, so back to lookin throught her window at night, see i would but im scared of what i might spy. her lips on another under the covers in the room with out a mirror. how i wish i could take cover under her covers in the room with out mirror. that would be class i would tell me friends, infact i owuld tell the people i work with to, i would tell everyone but sadly as she is not mine there is nothing to tell. and i must face the oncomin hell of the credit crunch alone

I did something stupid, got so close & was going so well, but its l8 & im drunk so i looked at her profile on facebook. and it says about a new boyfrend. i want to punch a wall, i dont know who 2 turn2, i dont know atall. i cant breath, i want to shout, but even i did there is noone listen so whats the point. its like i cant deal with the stress cause the best of times really at this point dont seem so great, im carrin a weight of 28 years and all my fears are comin true and i cant face them. i would tare my eyes out so i cant see another thing i could rip my tounge out so i cant speak. but at the end of the day she as much as she said didnt love me. so now im off to face the prison wall the dark takes my imagenion, the dark takes my all, im FUCKed UP AND tbh there really is noone to call. hi mum i sleep in the room next to you i know we dont talk but im fucked up and i think i need to go to hospital. could u think if i said this? na i think iam probly best cryin myself asleep.

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