Saturday, 21 May 2011

How do you know if its

Been holdin on for to long,

but were is left to run.

hidin words that kill your last care,

smoke and mirrors for all that you care.

This is no message in a card,

this is no message in a bottle waitin to greet you.

I dont know how long its been going on but I cant forgive you.

Your diffrent from the man i knew

the system has maybe for sure finaly beat you.

Details please, postcodes and such.

Your hungry and already had lunch.

In the thick of it and noone to help,

you are on your last life with only one way out.

The cool breeze warms you,
late nights harm you,
your diffrent from the man I knew.
were did your love go?
when did the sparkle in your eye fizzil out?
when did everything change so much to the point you forgot how to dance?
silent storms that freeze your soul bare,
the cold warms you,
your tryin to rember/or work out the point it all went wrong,
for if you were to find it then maybe you could make all wrong gone?!

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