Friday, 6 May 2011


You could make my sun rise
And I wouldnt need to be alone tonight!
I want to ask you to dance but there is no music..
And the truth is im here alone by myself with nothing or noone by my side
Barr my wounded pride and dry mouth.
Lips stuck to my teeth,
And in my heart no reason to ever return were you may call home,
It's just a empty shell of a house.
It's just round the corner,
It's not you,
It's me....
And I wish sorry would be enought but that would never do,
And I know what your thinkin but my dear trust me I'am the fool.
I could lie as I always seem to do.
But if time wont mend a broken heart then maybe the less of the truth you knew would?
And we could go on,
And I could do the paper run on a Sunday,
And we could be happy,
But I never could!
The dark of my heart as ever takes rule.

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