Wednesday, 17 August 2011

i think its the last one tho i cant be sure were else to go?

Iam waitin for you to reply.
Just do it for im holdin on till the sun has gone and mid night has come.
Your just another in a long long line,
and to be true heart break is for me nothing new.
For even if its yours its still mine too
As i know the feelin to well.
So i wish i could make you happy, i wish i knew what to do,
But nothing is right and the world is sadly to cruel
For someone like me to be with you.
Searching for peace of mind to get it right,
But the tide has took what the moon cant say
And as ever its just me, fighten demons that would make the strongest of hearts flee.
So who am i to object if you have to go then please dont look back.

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