Saturday, 20 August 2011

a lonely battle that could never be won tonight.

some times i lose sight, some times i wonder why i put up a fight, but tonight, tonight is just like any other night. and so the warm burns me, it as ever will never learn me. and im still tryin, tho in the back of my mind i know at the same time im dyin. a slow death, a slow stop, killin me softly and i wish you would stop. but not tonight, tonight is just like every night. so im holdin me head on the cold side of the pillow cause im so warm, and i want to keep myself safe from harm, but harms always not more then ten feet away and if i could i would do everything my own way but not tonight because tonight is just like any other night, and with that i need her so, so can someone tell me were to go, if i could maybe find the one who got away then maybe i wouldnt need to numb the pain, alone out in the dark soaked by the rain i feel as tho my best times have gone and im fighten just to be myself once again.

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