Wednesday, 17 August 2011

thats it good night, even tho i cant sleep tonight..

Is the pain worth our time?
im waitin as always
but I know for all the waitin your never going to be mine!
So were is there to go were we cant be alone?!
im holdin back, but what is the use you already know the criac.
tonight tonight, i need you so, but as much as i need you wont let me have you.
im lookin, and im glancen,
i as always am chancen, my arm.
and you dont know what your worth.
but tonight as today as tomorrow i wish i could,
show you and hold you.
we could be happy and i could make you see
but chances arnt that easy,
and would you even recognize me?
could you even save me?
i cant live on maybes cause baby i need you to much to say,
but like always i wont get my way and the only way out isnt what i want,
i just want you to save me tonight.
but i cant even save myself and my wispers are lost on the wind.
So who am i to say were this might end???????????????????????????????????????????

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