Monday, 1 August 2011

who am i to say.

Loose change like loose lips are all thats left from another bad night.
Another tare, another tear, another day, another year.
And i would give anything but it seems anything wouldnt come close to do,
So another night of asking old ghosts what can i do?
So you wont hunt me the way you do.
So im waitin for a change, waitin for a chance, waitin for the last dance.
And after the sunshine comes rain,
cause every sliver linein has a cloud,
And really at this time off my life i shouldnt be so bold,
But tonight i wont do what as im told and for that i'am not proud.
So who am i to say,
but who are you to leave me a little bit less then i could be.
And tonight all i am left with is this small change and used tissues,
and these issues.

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