Saturday, 7 March 2009


Well, its took me 28 years but atlast i made it to the dam! amsterdam!! the big smoke! well after what happend in new york i thought to myself gosh what sort of trouble could i get myself into, infact i think the fear of it was maken my eyelid flicker. the sad truth.............

NOTHING, thats right, i smoked two joints in in three nights. all in all im pretty unimpressed by my stay, i think the place has great protental, but its findin the right person to go with to unlock the protental. so better luck next time.

but tho at the same time, i went to the zoo in amsterdam and its left me abit sad i was lookin a monkey right in the eye and for a moment i felt empthy(lol i know i know i do talk some shit!)with it, for a moment i seen i also at times feel like a caged animal(maybe i just went abit stir crazy while there and wished to let loose and go on the town and get crazy to feel i was beonyed the cage(lol god i have such a way with words))with people stairn from the outside(ok i will stop while im ahead), but it was sad to see these beautiful animals caged like that. there was a wee angry monkey who kicked the window which was funny, he had a fight with another monkey.

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