Saturday, 7 March 2009

Dont say it if you dont mean it!

Tear stained window stills, im sittin waitin,
my everything torn apart, never had a friend so were is it im suposed to start?
im all heart aka Eddie love me love me j Carter,
im here just waitin.
im not given you second chances,
but i'll give it another go you jsut have to give it the say so.
but im to old to be so bold, im to old to feel so young.
you caught me off gard, you caught me given you a second glance.
but i know second chances are out of the question just like girls i fuck with out protection.
so im pacen the room like animals caught in cages, these rooms see my hiden ragens.
i pretend i dont care what anyone says but inside you got me.
i cant stop it, you caught me looking again.

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