Sunday, 8 March 2009

you cant teach a old dog new tricks but you can love me if you heart is big enought to receive.

i kissed you in my dreams sadly its the only place we still meet.

and i cant get there till i can put my mind at ease.

4 for a 10er and sometimes it feels its all got to much.

i tounched you in my dreams, its took so long to get asleep.

but when i finly got there it was you who woke me up.

i guess you still can be crual cant you luv.

so now im awake once again nothing to count barr the hours.

i want to sleep tho but tbh you already stole my dreams.

im meetin loose women at the weekend

im breaken hearts not caren if they mend.

but lately all i do is wish that i can sleep so i can once again kiss your lips.

i still have your picture. i still rember the feel of your hair.

but i cant sleep, and im soo alone when im there.

the bed is my prison of sleepless nights

wishin i was holdin so tight, wishin things had of gone right. but i cant sleep tonight.

so im tryin to put old ghost to rest but its old ghost that keep me company

its old ghost to cut,

its old ghost who care.

its old ghost to talk to, you arnt here.

so sleepless nights were it ends is anyones guess

a heart beat fills the room were the sleepless rest.


Anonymous said...

Is this really the "one who got away"? Cop on.

Crappo the Clown said...

one of them, i still think of this one. weird so weird.