Sunday, 8 March 2009

you saved the best for last, and my weakness your on my mind.

unfinished its wrong i hold on you let go, i want more you say no.

but tonights just like every other night

i wont find happyness at a bottem of a glass as much as i try.

im gribin tighter your lettin go, i want more you say no.

you walk by i stop. this isnt liven this is to much.

im thinkin week days your thinkin weekends.

how can i be when you wont let me in.

closed doors hurt, weakness i cant forgive myself.

i've tryed but i cant scratch this itch.

and im lost on your lips and now want nothing more to do with this.

but its got a hold and im weak from to long in this rut im stuck in.

take this note its my last hope that i can win.

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