Monday, 16 March 2009

scarey biskets..

i wish i could, the life we knew,
things arnt the same but arnt diffrent,
the mmeories faden fast like pictures left in the sunlight to long.
im holdin on till its gone.
but all i have learnt is how to hurt someone who means the world to ya.
so im tryin to put together the puzzle only to find the bits i need most are missin.
and i know its just a case of i slept in.
one time to many your on my mind.
so lady set me free just for tonight?
let me loose and let me wonder no more.
i dont wish to go over what could happenin,
lets just let it happen.
or not. or maybe.
see this is what you do to me..
forever on my mind it plays tricks on me..
i mean really you and me?
na it could never be,
so i wonder the streets alone thinkin how i can never return home,
i no longer have a home,
im realy lost this time around.

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