Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The Endless Nights of Someone Who Needs..

ther's atlest a life time between us,
do you realy need to take all the sheets,
not a heartbreat between us, ther is so much more i need.
so you do your own thing, iam scared of what i will say in my sleep.
its the same thing, just a diffrent week..
the bed used to move in great heat, now all we do is eat, i miss you...
i cant believe its the same person in this bed,
did you realy mean it when you said we would always be together?
now the weathers gettin colder! so what the fuck, its just another sleepless nite...
the walls close in, this is worse then rejection, a slow death of loveless affection..
i cant rest, my mind thinks of what it would be like to play the field..
and how i would make my point, but iam to tired for to even try to get you to let me.
my heads fryed,
to many late nites, to little time, to much to forgive,
this is more then a first love, iam sure this is it but you wont let me,
and now i cant sleep.
and as much as i dont want to iam thinkin of given in, ther you go work away,
iam tryin to hold on but feels liek we have already thrown it all away.
so i kiss your head and wish you peace, the restless sleep of someone who needs..

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