Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Pretend Look the other way for thats not yours and never will be..

Our love lost in passin smiles
even now iam lost in your eyescome be with me..
If only words were enought
but your waitin on someone else,
o tell me who i can be, to be, with you..
Take the sun the moon take everything,
because without you i dont need a thing..
O cant you see..
Lifeless rooms with dust settled gray
o tell me why do i feel way
so wrong with nothing i can dobut take comfort in you,
here with me..
O am i wrong for feelin the way i do
to be so sore with out a cure,
because its not you, your just waitin to happen like they always do,
so iam just waitin all this life time
for somebody true, maybe settle for something less..
Your beautiful when undressed in my dreams of you..
I only wish i could be,
cause i know so much more could please,
in this life time..
O does everyone feel this way
because you can never be her
and i know iam not him,
but is it not worth a go seein as we might as well be lost together
then alone wishin that we could have the love we once thought was the only thing ever????

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