Wednesday, 1 April 2009

To much to young. To soon to fall..

You know its funny your layin beside mebut feel so far away..

I think i know what your thinkin, but am to scared to say.

So turn off the light, iam feelin shy tonite,

need that dark confidence of shadows and moonlight,

need to feel you undressed by my side,

to feel thats your realy mine under these dark sheets of tonite..

See nothing is forever, but that doesnt stop me wishin this wont be the same,

that a month from now you'll still be calling my name,

that i wont be wishin on a dream.

Cause i know wishin on stars never works, and its hard wishin away the pain,

because in the end i still feel the burn..

See i'am going crazy and what good can it do

I'am nothing without you,

a shadow of what i was.

and feelin empty isnt feelin good,

have you ever felt this feelin?

If not i wish you could,

because you turned from the one who could

to the one that did,

to the one i wish i could forget...

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