Wednesday, 1 April 2009

The First Time

Sorry i just wanted to get to know you and make you smile,
it isnt easy as i wonder whats on your mind and how do you feel?
And are these things you tell me real? If maybe iam talkin to much?
If iam bein to quiet? Iam just tired..
Do i get to excited? Do you think iam a dick?
Do you like what i got you or would nothing be better then this?
Maybe i think to much but atlest iam thinkin about you,
not like them other fellas who all they want to do is fuck anyone who will let them...
maybe i souldnt count the seconds till i see you again,
i sould jsut leave it,
but i cant help it,i wish you knew how much i need it,
but maybe how much is to much and now iam freakin out again..
i jsut wish it was like how it was when we first met,
those were the days, and then again, things no matter how hard you try always change xx..
See here we go again i could tell,
Its the same story,But iam still with you after all..
So i walk off in a huff if only jsut to get you to follow,
and no matter how hard i try now i know all i have told you before is fucked against the wall, your mine, but am i liein, is this realy all its cracked up to be,
you said you would kill your self if i ever left you,
well maybe you would let me love you if you knew how much i need you.
To breath isnt enought, times are gettin so tuff, but shit this is the big one iam in love.....

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