Wednesday, 1 April 2009

I could understand if you couldnt stand me for a moment or two.

I just wish I could be all you ever needed
I'll give you everything I can if only you could receive it,
and i will try my hardest, even tho my best doesnt seem good enought..
Mybe if you give in and let me love you
and understand ther is no way i would put anyone above you..
So we'll fight the bit out and it will all end in tears,
but tonite i'am all cryed out so its your turn my dear,
we'll run round in circles chasen our tails..
but tonite i will be honest and sayI think you sould put away the scales,
cause i dont care how fat you get, it was your eyes and your smile,
not the size of your dress, but were this will end is anyones guess...

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